Miley & The Gang - Sexy Too Soon

Miley Cyrus and the stripper pole at Teen Choice awards - did you see it? 

I saw it in the clips shown on TV and checked it out on You Tube, and while it wasn't a full pole dance, it was meant to simulate one.  Honestly it wasn’t a shock.  When the skirts on pre-teen and teen stars on TV rose up to crotch level, there wasn’t anyplace else to go except to take that next step into pretend-stripper territory.  No offense to strippers.  No offense to mini-skirt wearing ladies.  I was one of the latter and have nothing against the former.

Girls getting sexy too soon makes me sad for them.  What they’ll miss is far greater than the immediate attention they’ll gain.

What I’m missing as a shopper for a much younger girl is little-girl clothes.  Among the size 6X panties in the  girl’s department there’s a wide  assortment of tiny thongs and very few offerings in full-coverage cotton prints.

I raised one girl and I’m watching her raise one, and she and the little girl’s daddy find they need to have frequent discussions about everything clothing-related. 

You moms of pre-teen and teen girls have my sympathy.  I wonder how you’re handling the total exposure of the girls your girls look up to? 

Ó Anita Garner


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