Military Diet (Day One)

Beginning weight: 150
Here is my first day breakdown. See the shopping list here.
Breakfast 1 cup of coffee ( I think this is the scariest part for me, I am 3 cupper)1/2 Grapefruit1 piece of whole wheat toast with 2 TBS of peanut butter (I used Jif Simply)Doesn't look so bad, although I have never eaten a grapefruit in my life. But here goes nothing. Day 1, meal 1 is always the easiest.

I finished breakfast (see above) an  hour ago and I am already clock watching for lunchtime so I can have another cup of coffee. On the plus side I can drink some warm water : /
Lunch1/2 cup of tuna. I used the kind in the bag.1 cup of coffee (Hallelujah!)1 piece of whole wheat toastI put as much of the tuna as I could in between the half slices of bread. Then ate the rest with a spoon. I am not a huge tuna fan, but I can deal with it for a few meals. *side note, coffee and tuna breath is rank. Please remember to brush your teeth because I don't think chewing gum is in this plan.I went to put my 4 year old down for a nap and he said, "Hey, what smells like fluffy poop," Fluffy is our hamster, the smell was obviously my tuna/coffee breath. Lol

3:08 p.m. I am hungry. Debating dipping into the dinner portion to tide me over, but then if it doesn't work I can only blame myself. Going for another big warm glass of H2O.
Dinner The final meal was a combination of things, but I broke it up into dinner then a snack. So here was dinner.3 oz. of Chicken Breast, cooked skinless plain1 cup of fresh boiled green beans, no saltIt actually filled me up. The rule was the meat should be the size of a deck of cards. I didn't have a deck of cards, but I did have a chalk box so I guesstimated.

Snack 1 Small Apple 1/2 Banana 1 Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream ( I went with Breyer's Fat Free) I don't think I have ever enjoyed vanilla ice cream so much. I ate this after crossfit class and it filled me up. Definitely don't feel starved at the end of Day 1. 2 more to go... I will record my weight at the beginning of tomorrow's post to see if I have dropped any weight. I tracked my calories on which is my favorite free tracking site. It came out to about 867 calories. Obviously not enough to be healthy, but this isn't a crash diet for nothing, right? We'll see at the end of day 3 how a reduction in calories feels. Now off to bed to dream of savoring my one cup of coffee tomorrow morning!


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