milk, boobs & babies

Despite what some say about a C-section, I was able to hold him and feed him immediately after he was cut out of me.  He latched right on and we had no problems of any kind.  As time went on, we have faced and overcome many adversities.   

Things were pretty smooth sailing for the first two months. 

As he started to eat more, he began to spit up more, LOTS more.  (Click here to read what I wrote in the thickof that)

Eventually I had to cut dairy out of my diet.(Here I cover how that felt) 

At about 4 months, he didn’t want to nurse anywhere besides the bedroom, later I would learn this was common. (I thought it was him just rejecting my no good milk for a minute, too)

At nine months, as he was learning to nurse with 6 teeth and trying to increase my milk flow, he nearly took off both nipples (nothing will stop me from nursing)


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