Milking You for Ideas

The doctor thinks that Veronica might have a milk protein sensitivity (we're so trendy!), so I am cutting dairy out of my diet for the next few weeks to see if it helps normalize her tummy.  It's been almost a week and it's been okay so far, but I am a girl who loves her dairy, so I'd appreciate any suggestions, recipes, tips for allergy-friendly restaurant chains, or anything else that you can share with me.  I really hope it helps!

In exchange for your ideas, I have a quick crochet project to share.  2014 seems to be the year of crochet for me, I suppose because I can crochet more quickly than I can knit and I've found it to be a bit easier to do while holding and feeding the baby.

I crocheted this stuffed owl in just a day!  A very long day, admittedly.

She's made of cotton leftovers from a bag I knit for my mother when I was very new to fiber crafts.  I love how the same yarn can become such different things!  I also love working with older yarn in my stash to get room for new goodies!

The yarn is Cascade Luna.  I love its colors and softness.  The owl was a fun project to work on.  I added several rows to the pattern to make her a bit larger.  She's about 8" high now, so I hope she's a great snuggling size for the baby girl our friends are expecting soon.

I'm almost done with a knit project I've been working on for several weeks, so I hope I can share it with you soon.  Okay, baby just woke up from her nap (she took a nap!), so I'd better get back to her.  Thanks again for any help on the dairy issue.


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