Miltary Families and Welfare

I recently watched a news program discussing todays military family. With all the military cuts going on and the winding down of the current war, the statistics are showing that 25% of our active duty families and 20% of our retired military families are struggling to make ends meet. Most young families who both work are still needing help to feed the family. Most are using food banks and some type of welfare. Why is that? I tell you in my opinion it is due to all the cut backs and non understanding by our politicans. Military families are not rich, they do not get extra anything like society claims they do. I know this first hand as a child of a military family.My mother would work part time just so my life would be a bit easier and dad would not feel the pressure of financial issues with just one paycheck. Our men and women are in harms way 365 days a year and the last thing they need to worry about is when their next meal will be and how will our government help? By cutting back pay, benefits and nothing to look forward to when you retire. If you are retired military member it is harder and trying to get a job when you leave the military is even harder. But society is so wrapped up in their million dollar homes and fancy cars they forget who has kept them safe to have those materialistic items.  It goes for same for our regular middle and low middle class individuals trying to work and do the right thing. Our government officals make more money than they deserve so I wonder why they can't spare a little help for our military families. Alison


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