Mind the Bump: Does anyone like being pregnant?

In the days when pregnancy was just a twinkle in the eye, I imagined it as a state of laid-back contentment and a rosy glow. Four bumps in, the reality has proved somewhat different. Does anyone really like feeling like an obese kangaroo suffering from seasickness?

In the UK, there's a lot of talk about this year's general election being won at the schoolgate. So I'm putting together a manifesto for our politicians. With maternity leave getting more and more generous, I've decided that what I'd like is enforced pregnancy time out. Food on demand, plenty of time lying down reading magazines, and not having to cook, shop or do anything that means less than 12 hours sleep a day. That way, when baby arrives mothers will be full of energy, instead of spending six months craving sleep the way they once yearned for Jimmy Choos. I'm only partly joking. I've felt so ghastly during early pregnancy that I wasn't much use to anyone, let alone an employer.

Read the full post here, along with a lovely picture of the glorious Gloria from Madagascar. How did you feel during pregnancy? Contented Madonna, or crazy tired with no idea of what to wear, eat or do?

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