Mini Meals + Other Chatter

Hi friends! I've been a little MIA in the blogging world this past week.

Ever since we re-launched DolceAve, business has been amazing and we've become obsessed with creating new designs - Sofia and I sit together to draw out sketches (chicken scratch that only we understand!), it's a venture I'm so happy we're on together.

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Bringing back mini meals today, let's get to it!



Pancakes topped with fresh peaches & a side of strawberries, bananas and an eager little hand!



Tortellini with crispy pancetta and fresh steamed peas in a creamy tomato sauce and a side of peaches & bananas



We try to mix snacks up everyday, we get bored too quickly...I take that back, we could eat a diet solely filled with Smartfood white cheddar popcorn. Sofia's newest favorite treat is yogurt covered raisins, which I tell her is "chalky" chocolate - works like a charm! ;) Also, these choco & 'nilla bunny cookies are delish!



Chicken in creamy mustard sauce, was such a hit! Sofia licked her tiny little fingers clean, slurping the sauce right off "mmm mmm!" The only kind of bad manners that I will allow in our house, definitely made this Italian Mama happy! Served with a side of Cajun broccoli (I just steam broccoli and mix in a touch of butter and Cajun seasoning) & of course a side of fresh fruit. ;)


Hope you have the best Memorial Day weekend & and HUGE thank you to everyone that is serving or has served!!!


I can't get this vision out of my head, pretty sure I need all of these in my life ASAP.

Magen's Bay, St. Thomas

Cover up