Minimizing toilet Paper Waste

We have a fourteen year gap between our second and third last child. I feel like I am having to learn how to parent all over again. I am sure that I have forgotten more than I ever actually knew. Most child rearing tips come back to me AFTER an incident. This tip is no exception! To keep your toddler from being able to unroll hundreds of feet of toilet paper in under a minute, flatten the roll before you place it on the dispenser. February 2010 236When it returns to its original shape it will retain the indents and will only roll effortlessly long enough to produce about 3 squares of toilet paper. February 2010 235 This will not eliminate toilet paper waste, but it should slow your child down enough that you can prevent the entire house from being TPed. A side benefit is that  it also slows down the rest of the household's toilet paper consumption. This last week has been a very humbling experience for me. Please fee free to share any tips to get me through the next few years; I need all the help I can get! 



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