Minne Apple Girl - the Introduction

Minne Apple Girl is follows the story of Maddie, who recently moved from NYC to Minneapolis.   Maddie is a city girl, through and through, and is a bit hesitant to move to Minneapolis though finally agrees to do so at the urging of her best friend and cousin, Jessie.  Follow Maddie’s story as she learns to adjust to a new city, make friends, start dating, and try to figure out her way in the world.  The story started in January, and has attracted thousands of readers daily ever since.   I will post some backlog posts here to catch up, otherwise feel free to start here:


Disclaimer:  This is a fictional story, and all people are fictional.


MinneAppleGirl, aka Riley May, is the author of www.minneapplegirl.com, a fictional chick lit blog with posts 3x a week that explores the life of a young 20-something girl as as she makes her way through life, learning about love, career, and friends a

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