I think 'Minx' is one of the loveliest words ever. It conjures up a feeling of youth, energy, vitality. I think I used to be a minx when I was younger. However I turned 36 last week. It was an interesting moment. Up until 35, I could kind of kid myself that I was still young. Up until 30, I WAS actually still young!!! And then we had a baby.

Now don't get me wrong. Having The Monster (no, that's not really his name) was the best thing we ever did. But I think it marked a turning point for me as a girl. I think it was when I became a woman. Not due to any highbrow ideology about motherhood making a women out of me but quite the opposite-  it took the girl out of me. I was tired, emotional, grumpy, tense...all these things I really hadn't been beforehand. I still weigh 10 pounds more than I did, which is a lot as I'm only 5"1. I have bags under my eyes. I don't have time to do as much exercise as I'd like, to look after my body as I used to. I don't have the freedom to do the things I used to do which made me feel young. I no longer feel like a minx.

So back to turning 36. It has made me think a lot about ageing. 36 feels like a watershed, an actual 'letting go' of girlhood, youth, minxhood maybe. That's kind of why I started this blog, because I'm going to have to discover who this new woman is. And that made me think about minxes. Can you be a minx at 36? Can you be a minx at 40?? What about 70? Is Minxhood a state of mind rather than a stage of life???

My Mum is a minx and she's 62.

What is the essence of minxhood? Is it the sparkle in the eye? The swing of the hips (even if they're plumper than you'd like)?

I went away this weekend with friends and took a LOT of photos, some of which I am in. Looking at them here at home, I suddenly realised that I'm looking good. I still weigh 10lbs more than I should do but when I compared them to photos of me a year ago (a year younger, don't forget) I look a damn sight better. You can't imagine how that little inner glimmer of excitement makes me feel. It's like I might be getting part of my old self back...the Minxy part. And that little flicker of hope is making me very very happy.








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