Miracle of the 15 Claws

Miracle of the 15 clawsMeet Miracle. She only has three paws (at five claws per paw that's fifteen) and half a tail. And despite being full grown, she's tiny! She's the small thing I'm celebrating today.

I love being around cats. Little Bodhisattvas I call them. Those who have reached enlightenment but choose to stay behind with the rest if us and show us the way. They completely and without judgement accept who and what they are. No excuses, no second guessing and no worry.

I've also been lucky enough over the past ten years to live with many cats while a student. I made some fantastic feline friends, assisted elderly (and very naughty) cats take their medication and grieved over their passing.

My wish? To have my own cat. My own little friendly Bodhisattva. That wish came true during the mystery days of Christmas 2013. The days between Christmas and New Year. She hopped up to us at the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter communal cat room and we knew she was for us!

The shelter staff recounted her sad history. She was found at a local train station, hopping up to people and begging for food. No one knows how long she lived like that. Or what happened to her fourth paw and leg from the 'knee' down and the end of her tail.

She might lurch sideways as she hops around the house but she gets around great. She's a loving little fur ball and I am grateful to have her.


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