The Miracle of Music

I’ve been thinking a lot about music lately. I love it! There was a time where I kept music around me constantly. I had a stereo in my bedroom for my afternoon listening pleasure and to send me off to dream land every night, in my bathroom to help me get ready for school, a walkman for when I was on foot or in the car with my mom, and music videos on TV to learn the choreography of the hottest new song.  My freshman year of college, I was referred to as “that girl with the big headphones on” or to my dorm neighbors below me, “the girl who blasts Mary J. Blige at 7am”.

What intrigues me most about music is the process. How someone can turn nothing into a great work of art. From the beat makers to the songwriters, to the singers and the engineers. To see this process in action from start to finish is absolutely amazing! To have the creativity to think of lyrics, melody, chords, notes, choruses, and marry them all together to make a perfect song is awesome! Although the perfection is subjective, perfection is what I will call it. Wow! Just thinking about it gets me excited.

Having so much talent dripping from ones lips, fingers, soul, and mind is truly a gift. As a member of their collective audience, witnessing such a tremendous feat is mind-blowing. Where would we all be without music? What would the world look like? How would we feel?  What if there was no Beethoven or Bach? What if there was no Temptations or Commodores? What if there was no Elvis or Jerry Lee Lewis? What if there was no Fiona Apple or Portishead? What if there was no Whitney Houston or Patti LaBelle? What if there was no Aerosmith or Poison? What if there was no Michael Jackson? What if there was no Dixie Chicks or Sugarland? What if there was no New Edition or Boyz II Men? What if there was no Ginuwine or Tyrese? What if there was no Ne-Yo or RL? What if there was no Janet Jackson or Aaliyah? What if there was no Chris Brown or Trey Songz? What if there was no Clint Black or Kenny Chesney? The list goes on and on…Where would we be?

Everyone involved in the music industry has made an immeasurable impact on the world. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have had to witness the creation of music, from the studio to the stage. I am equally as grateful to have met, spoken with, and be in the company of a plethora of great talent throughout my life. I am also fortunate to witness these great gifts through my husband who can sing, write, and compose. Even though he is not a big time artist travelling the world, I am his biggest fan who loves to attend his many impromptu concerts in the living room. I am also fortunate for one of my best friends who makes the greatest beats I have ever heard. One day I know the whole world will get to hear them.

To all of the talented people in this world living their musical dreams or not, your art does not go unappreciated.


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