Miss California can take her crown and shove it

Ok first off I am VERY pro gay people being able to get married. They have the right to be as unhappy as we straight people and with the divorce rate at 50%+ maybe THEY can figure out how to make it work bc we sure haven't. Personally gay people getting married only effects my life in the number of wedding gifts I have to buy and the number of times I have to say NO I will NOT wear a dress with a butt-bow. Live and let live. As for the topless pictures....of COURSE I have nothing against them. What issue I do have is LYING about them on an application. If you took topless picture own up to it. Step up and say YES I did this and I was a dumb kid and I feel now that it was a mistake. Don't out right lie about it. When you out right lie about it that's when it comes back to slap you in the face. So now we have some lying ,anti gay, kiddie porn picture taking (she NOW claims she was under age when posing topless. That's kiddie porn then) tart as Miss California. UGH. Does anyone remember a wonderful woman named Vanessa Williams? Hmmmmm she posed naked and had her crown ripped out of her hands. My how times have changed. Miss California really isn't going to effect anyone's life. She's a beautiful queen for pete sake. She isn't going to cure cancer. I mean you've heard her talk lol

I wish the job fair that we had today in Los Angeles sponsored by monster.com got 1/10 of the press that Miss California has today.  *sigh*

We have SO much more to worry about at this point in America than what some beauty queen has to say. Let her ride her 15 minutes of fame and go on back to wherever beauty queens go when they get old. Oh that's right they turn to porn and nude pictures. She's already half way there lol We have a war going on, unemployment is at an all time high, people are losing their homes, children are going without food. So excuse me if gay marriage and Miss California aren't on MY top list of WTF matters,



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