Miss Lori offers Penn State victims of child sexual abuse 15 statements of empowerment she needed to hear herself

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Miss Lori
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I was sexually abused as a child. When the story broke about Penn State I didn't just feel for the victims I felt the victimization itself. Hearing the stories in the news I felt like that 4 year old child in the closet with a predator all over again. That little girl still hasn't fully healed. There may be a statute of limitations on charging a predator, but there is no statute of limitations on the psychic pain that their crimes cause. That's why there are things that absolutely need to be said to victims to help them on the road to recovery. In creating this post I realized that these statements were the very statements that I still at age 41 need to not only hear but be reminded of even today. Time and again, my efforts to help others has proven to be a great way to empower myself on my own path of healing. I owe my life to social media.