Miss the Mess: 6 Foods That Should Be Banned from High Chairs!

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Is there anything cuter than a toddler's face covered in mashed peas or their hands covered in sauce, little bits of pasta stuck under their fingernails? Yes. Yes, there are lots of other things that are cuter than that -- because it comes with a gigantic mess that someone has to clean up. And that someone is you! Okay, okay... they're kind of cute.

Messy Little Guy in a High Chair
This was just a homemade teething biscuit!

But some of that mess is nearly impossible to clean up. Crystal at MommiFried came up with a list of foods that should be banned from high chairs. I laughed -- and then shuddered at the memories of scrubbing who-knows-what off of the high chair time and time again. I really don't miss those days.

One of the items on her list rings so true:

Anything Red – Like a bull, red attracts a baby to no end. That’s why they love red-colored foods. Tomato sauce, tomatoes, SpaghettiO’s, strawberries – damn all of you! Rule of thumb – if it’s red, they are going to have a field day and it’s going to stain even the toughest of plastics, the cleanest of fabrics and the most kissable of cheeks.

Take for example this next picture:

Red Mess Is the Worst
At least he was wearing red?

I left the room for a brief second to help our older son in the bathroom. I came back to this mess. He looks just as surprised as I felt!

Do you have any fun stories or pictures of foods that should be banned from high chairs? Check out the rest of Crystal's list and then add our own "Banned from the High Chair" foods to the list!


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