Miss USA Pics More Playboy than Pageant

Have you checked out the new Miss USA contestant pics? They’re a little, well, sexy. Typically, Miss USA pics are usually a little more tame, usually brighter and focused on the girls face. See pics here from 2009. But the new images show the contestants in black and white poised in highly suggestive positions, hair a tangled mess, pouting and crawling toward the camera.



You can practically hear the photographer say, “Come to me, crawl, get angry, meow,” through the photos. I suppose it’s a publicity stunt to raise interest in the tarnished pageant scene–former Miss USA Tara Conner (she just did a rehab special for A&E’s Intervention and who can forget runner up, Miss California Carrie Prejean. And the web site lets you rate the girls on a 5 star scale and purchase their portraits! Jeez. I know the Trump organization has no respect for women and views them as objects to profit off of, but come one. Aren’t beauty pageant supposed to at least pretend its about something deeper, about what’s in the girls brain not in her bra and panties?


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