MissFIT’s 100 Day Anti-resolution 2013

A chronicle of our experts’ success beyond all resolution odds

What are your New Year Resolution odds anyways?  Well, predictions range but I would say that  about 85% of us FAIL at our resolutions within 90 days. Yep, within 3 months most of us have all but completely forgotten about those high hopes and  lofty goals we set in January.

So, a few of  us at MissFIT are going to set ANTI-resolutions for 2013. We will chronicle our progress for all of you to see. Yep—that means we are going to give you updates on our journeys of change; videos, journal updates and pictures allowing you to see the good, bad, the ugly,,,and what we hope ends in GOOD! And we are  going to do it for 100 days to show you what happens for us in that critical initial 3 month stage when new habits are being formed.

(Remember...it is also in that initial 3 month stage when most people FAIL....but we will show you that by taking a different approach, you  don't have to FAIL this year.)

Back to the ANTI-resolutions. Why do we call them ANTI-resolutions? Because resolutions FAIL (have I reiterated that enough yet? It is my  hope that we deter you from the SAME OLD resolution mindset this year).

What's wrong with typical resolutions anyways??:

  • They are too high and  lofty—and not specific enough
  • Most don't consider (or welcome) the sacrifices necessary for success
  • Most do not identify any meaning behind the motivation--for success to last, we have to be INSPIRED by our goals
  • Many are not READY to take the proper steps to  meet those goals

But mostly: Change is hard work…so as soon as we hit that first stumbling block, we run in the face of danger!

You must PREPARE yourself by setting yourself up for success, anticipating your barriers and considering the steps you need to take to suceed in detail.

Us humans are creatures of  habit. So, that means that you can plan on FAILING at a resolution that is not well thought out. So:

Consider your options: what actions will you take; what help will you enlist, how will you INVEST in your goal?

Do it differently this year: THINK about change as long term,  mindfully assess your progress, celebrate small successes and be thankful for the lessons you learn from the stumbling blocks.

DECIDE to succeed: your chances of succeeding are in how you think about it. MIND over matter, that's a promise!

Instead of letting the traditional New Year Resolution reputation get the best of us, we  are rolling up our sleeves for all  of you to bear witness of. Who is in with us!?

Go on this very real journey with us. When we check in with you every two weeks (starting next week), we hope that we will hear from you not only with your feedback on what we are doing,  but about how YOU  are doing on your goals for 2013.

We hope to  show you how to REACH  your RESOLUTIONS as we strive and struggle to meet ours...we aren't the experts at fitness and wellness unless we can SHOW you how afterall! We plan to defy the odds (or at least give  it our best shot)!

Here is what you will see:

  • Peggy’s Anti-Resolution: I commit to discovering what wellness looks like to me as I enter a new phase. I will try new fitness/wellness/nutrition activites by doing something novel and good for my body each day. Along my journey I will experience ups and downs and some things I try I will benefit from more than others.  I'll leave some behind and adopt some into my life--for good.  This journey will be a learning experience which will be a process of determining what works for me as I transition into a new phase of life: empty nester!
  • Shannon’s Anti-Resolution: I know from some past experience that PRE-planning meals really helps my family and I stay healthy.  But, without consistency it cannot make all the difference I would  like it to.  So, my ANTI-resolution is to build pre-planning into my personal and my family's wellness regiment! I will CONSISTENTLY pre-plan healthy meals each week  on our meal calendar and I will better PRE-plan my workouts (which can get to be a little 'fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants even as a Personal Trainer since I am typically more concerned with programming my clients' workouts!)
  • Becky’s Anti-Resolution: I'm focusing on being a healthy Momma so I can give birth to a healthy baby in June!  Now that I am unable to participate in soccer or enjoy exercising outdoors as  much, I'm switching my plan to focus on  some indoor exercise to keep me going through the winter--something NEW for my  tastes!  My goals are to practice Yoga 2x/week (at home) for strength, endurance and to keep my body feeling good through all the changes, and to keep up my cardiovascular exercise most days out of the week (4-5x).  Ultimately, I want to STAY healthy through my pregnancy, feel good as my body grows and changes, and most importantly deliver a healthy baby with a goal of a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian).
  • Katie's ANTI-Resolution: I am committing to 100 days of 'Daily Stress-Less Moments'.  As a single mom, widow and business owner things get a little stressful and I find myself feeling what seems like the weight of the world on my shoulders at times. So, I commit to exploring ways to better deal with (not necessarily eliminate) stress and anxieties in my life. That means laughing more, re-committing to my old coping mechanisms that have worked in the past, being less 'busy' and taking even just a moment each day for purposeful calming activities.

Ready everyone?  We are!

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