Missing the Pomp and Circumstance of Graduation for My Homeschooled Son

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[Editor's Note: I've attended a few high school graduations over the past few years and am always hit by my own wave of nostalgia. I found this post by Elena at My Domestic Church to be an interesting contrast to some of the other graduation posts we have been running. She is a homeschool mom and her youngest son will be graduating in a simple ceremony, much different from another she attended this year. It's an interesting perspective. -Jenna]

Homeschool Sighs: A Homeschool Mom Muses About Graduation Season:

Pomp and CircumstanceI found myself getting a little wistful. In a few weeks my second son will be graduating in a simple homeschool ceremony. He will have a nice diploma, a graduation ring that his father and I got him, and the kind wishes of friends and family. But most of his accomplishments and achievements are not public. There won't be any awards ceremony for him or any of the other homeschoolers graduating with him.

This is part of taking the road less traveled. Since we started homeschooling 14 years ago, there have always been a difference between the educational path my kids are taking and what many of their friends and even family is doing. It's worth noting that the homeschool path has its own rewards.

Read on for more thoughts about graduation, the benefits of homeschooling and other thoughts.

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