Mission Accomplished

There's a beautiful feeling you get when your are surrounded by family and friends. Its an indescribable feeling of warmth and comfort. This was the feeling I had hope my mother would get during the the party tonight. To look around and see nothing but laughter and smiles from everyone in the room was proof that this party was the right thing to do. My mother and father were surrounded by so much love and support. They were in pure bliss. I felt an enormous amount of satisfaction just knowing that my parents, the people who have given me so much, had not a care in the world. It was just a small way to thank them both for all they have done. But this night was not about me and my feelings, it was about surrounding my parents with support and getting them into the right mind-frame for days to come. To show my mother that she is not alone in this fight. There are so many fighting with her and there to help her along the way. To show my father that its ok to talk about it with those who love him and that we are here to listen and no matter what is on his mind we will understand and be by his side. My dad mentioned to me just the other day "the things that he thought mattered really didn't seem so important anymore". He was exactly right. Its not about how much money is in your account or how dedicated you are to your job. What matters most is the quality time you spend with the people who matter most. Its days like today you remember most, not the extra hours at the office, not the long hours you spent studying for a test, Its the memories you make with the people you love. Mission Accomplished!



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