Mister Magnolia by Quentin Blake

Mister Magnolia by Quentin Blake.

Coming back from a recent trip to the library, we dragged ourselves indoors and settled down to look at our new books. This is always a fun special time, where I attempt to read ten different stories at once, as there all so excited and want to look at all the new books at the same time. I try my best to keep up as books are given to me, and taken away again in the blink of an eye. I love their enthusiasm for the stories, and they know I will always say 'yes' when they ask me to read to them, as I strongly believe in the importance of reading with your children. After it had calmed down a bit, we finally got chance to have a proper look at the books we had chosen. Most of them were alright, nothing really special, but okay to read. But in the middle of all the books I spotted a form of illustration that I immediately recognised as 'Quentin Blake' I have fond memories of reading his stories as a child. The book was called 'Mister Magnolia' by Quentin Blake.
After reading it we all instantly feel in love with the book, a story about funny Mister Magnolia who only had one boot.
"Mister Magnolia has an old trumpet that goes rooty-toot, some very fat owls that are learning to hoot, and a big purple dinosaur whos a magnificent brute. But poor Mister Magnolia has only one boot."
 This lovely witty rhyming story was definitely a favourite of my children's,

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