Is misusing ADHD meds a form of cheating? 1 in 3 Ivy League students says "No"

Despite the many possible side effects, stimulant medications for ADHD are often called "the smart drug" because some students misuse them to try to get an academic edge.

A 2012 study asked 616 Ivy League college students (sophomores, juniors and seniors) WITHOUT ADHD about misuing stimulant medications and whether it's cheating. Their results were:

- 18% said they had misused a RX stimulant drug for an academic purpose at least once in college

- 24% of those who had misused a RX stimulant drug said they had done it 8 or more times

- 69% who misused a RX stimulant drug did it to write an essay

- 66% did it to study

- 27% did it to take a test

- 33% of the students surveyed didn't think taking a stimulant drug (not prescribed to you) for academic purposes was a form of cheating

- 41 % thought it was cheating

- 25% weren't sure

Who misused stimulant meds the most? Students who both played a varsity sport and were in a fraternity or sorority

Here's what I read:

So, what do you think? Is misusing a stimulant medication cheating?



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