MLB Adds Paternity Leave Policy

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(Whether or not the journalist cited in this post was serious, it does bring up the question of what's appropriate in terms of paternity leave for a professional male athlete. If you're a baseball player, is it okay to take a few weeks or months at the beginning of the season? How about during playoffs? Does an NFL quarterback get as much time as a defensive end? And how do the policies differ from what's expected from female athletes? Hello Ladies takes a look at some of the issues ~jane)


Following Texas Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis’ decision to be present at the birth of his child instead of pitching a game, Dallas Observer writer Richie Whitt expressed his  displeasure.
Whitt wrote,

“Baseball players are paid millions to play baseball. If that means
“scheduling” births so they occur in the off-season, then so be it. Of the 365 days in a year, starting pitchers “work” maybe 40 of them.


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