MLK Day| Plan a Service Event

Martin Luther King Jr. stood for equality, justice and service to all. Although the state of the "dream" and how far we have come in realizing it can be called into question, the essence of MLK Day lies in its call to action within our communities. Here are 3 ways to organize your friends and family to make an impact in your community on MLK day.

  1. 1.Plan a community breakfast at your church or a nearby community center and invite everyone from the neighborhood to come and discuss the impact that Dr. King has had on our community and where the dream is not being realized. Bring audio snippets of Dr. King's popular speeches to spark conversation and give guests a business card sized memento with "I have a dream" inscribed on one side and "My Dream Realized" inscribed on the other with three lines below it. This space will be used for guests to write three things they will do throughout the year to realize the dream in their community.
  2. 2. Invite friends and family over to your neighborhood park or playground area for a day of neighborhood cleanup. Get everyone matching "Day of Service" T-shirts and recruit others along the way. For kids, make a contest out of how many bags of trash they can collect. Make sure you arm them with gloves and long pants to avoid injury. You might also chose to purchase some a small tree to commemorate the event. Plant it in the park and watch it grow in the spring.
  3. 3. Team up with a community center, neighborhood initiative or local cause that has a service event planned for the day. Help market the event by sending out invitations to your circle of friends inviting them to volunteer. You can find great electronic invitations for MLK Day at

Whatever you plan to do for MLK Day remember the dream. To refresh your memory and see other events happening for the day visit the MLK Day website.

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