Mmm, Rice Pudding

The hardest part of giving up dairy has been the desserts.  I'm a big dessert person anyway, and the idea that I can't eat most of the ones I haven't made myself has just pushed things into overdrive.  Now I must have all the sweet things I can eat-- the milkier seeming, the better.  So of course I have been craving pudding.  I decided to make non-dairy rice pudding and it was so yummy!

I started with this recipe and then made some modifications.
I used a container of rice from the sushi restaurant, so about 1 cup.  I added half a cup of unsweetened original flavor almond milk, a half teaspoon of vanilla extract, a few shakes of cinnamon, a shake each of cloves and allspice, and 1.5 tablespoons of maple syrup.  I heated everything on medium-high until it was warm through and had the right consistency.  It was super fast, really yummy, and totally satisfied my dairy desires.
Last night I had another really successful non-dairy cooking experience, making this 15-minute creamy avocado pasta.  It was kind of like a pesto cream sauce, using the avocado for the fat, and it was totally delicious.  I expect that I'll be making it frequently.
This isn't going to be so bad!


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