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When I saw the topic for August NaBloPoMo, I queried my Facebook community for their definition of Mnemonic. Once I saw the first response I knew what Mnemonic meant. I suppose I have used mnemonic tools all of my life without even knowing what they were. I mean, of course, what they were officially called.

The very first mnemonic device that sprang to mind was Mr. Vem J. Sun (P).This was my oft used device to remember the planets in order from the sun. Pluto was considered a planet back when I was in elementary school. Yes I am THAT old.

I taught this to my daughters. They were less than thrilled.

I try to help my girls with their Math homework. Last year I had one kid in Middle School. Math and I parted ways. I hired a tutor. This brilliant child (a sophomore in HS) taught us (I mean Grace), PEMDAS. May I just say: LIFE CHANGING!!!!! <------that is not a mnemonic; it's just my exclamation in all caps!

PEMDAS stands for parenthesis, exponents, multiply, divide, add, subtract. The order of actions for one of those heinous equations like

(4.5)2+ 6(5.8)-11

My keyboard can't do exponents or multiply signs so don't try to solve my lame is just for illustrative purposes.

So anyways....

I have a head full of mnemonics that I bust out not know why my kids aren't learning any but maybe it is a dying art?

How about Roy G. Biv? That fellow reminds me of the order of colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

I googled mnemonic and saw so many examples that I recognized.

I before E except after C or when it sounds like A as in Neighbor or Weigh.

A friend of mine is a Doctor and he has a bunch of mnemonics to remember nerves and tendons and stuff like that.

So back to the that I know definitively what a MNEMONIC is, when I see the word I have a head full of examples. Most of which I learned in elementary school. All of them have been time honored in my home and I can honestly say that I love a good mnemonic and will continue to use them as teaching tools for my girls.

There, I lauded mnemonics in a way I never thought I would.

Happy Wednesday...

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