Mo money mo problems

For at least the last 10 years, I have lived my life the way I wanted to live.  Yes, there was that period of time where I became a moral contortionist for the wrong guy, but in general I spent my money the way I wanted, cooked what I wanted, slept when I wanted, and went where I wanted.

And then I got married.

Things have been rough since we moved in together, but it really is not about our relationship.  It is more about moving across the country, starting a job that pays significantly less than school loans, misunderstanding my job contract initially and consequently renting an apartment we can barely afford, and the terrible job market requiring me to support him for two months on pennies and craigslist sales.  All while planning a wedding.  

All in all, I feel we survived well.  The beach is great free entertainment, bicycles don't require gas, and we became very good at eating really odd meals out of what we could find on sale.  The worst was probably canned tuna on spaghetti noodles topped with salsa.  I don't recommend it.  But even that was at least well-rounded.

It is easy not to fight about money when you have none.  But now things are looking up!  Thanks to generous wedding gifts, we actually have cooking utensils and dishes, and are no longer struggling from paycheck to paycheck.  So how to spend that little extra dough?

The selfish part of me wants new clothes.  I want to buy running shoes so I can work out.  I want to try the barbeque place by work for lunch.  I want to bake something RIDICULOUS.  But the married part of me thinks "I should save for a couch"- ours is borrowed and is kind of like sitting on stone generous but less than comfy.  -or- "making cookies for the people at work is taking them away from my husband" (we never have leftovers).  

This post even started about how I was feeling bad about sitting on the couch all the time and making veggie meals for a meat-and-potatoes guy.  Blogging is therapeutic.  


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