Mo' Uteruses, Mo' Problems or Two Wives' Journey to a Family




I work in a predominately male office.  Not to mention a predominately hetero office.  You can see my cubical from a mile away (see below) so the fact that I am an artsy, musical theater broadwaylovin' lesbian is as much of a secret as the fact I'm not a natural red head (thanks for doin' as much as you can do Clairol).  I'm from the south so I'm kind of loud (really loud if you ask my wife).  I like to think I'm funny (I wanted to be an actress when I was little and my mother said, "You're not talented dear, you're witty").  I have a great job working in marketing.  I have a phenom wife.  What I don't have is the ability to make a baby.  Duh.  But it wasn't until we started looking into the actual steps to make a child did we realize how physically, emotionally and monetarilly trying it is when you are missing a key ingredient.  So we started a blog (And the Vial Makes 3).

This wasn't just an easy way of keeping our friends and family updated- I learned that our story wasn't the same.  I haven't had the most stellar history in my nether region (much like the MBTA in Boston, it's schedule is never regular), I'm overweight (despite the fact I eat well/exercise- thanks Lane Bryant for not dressing us all like a mother-of-the-bride circa 1985) and I'm CMV negative.  We searched for sites that could give a human experience on these topics and were coming up at a loss.  So we started our own story.







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