Modern Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful place.
This place was known for soothing nerves and causing inner peace.
All physical five senses were stimulated and soothed here.
A place of health, harmony, and love.
There is lush vegetation of all the colors of the rainbow... and scents, sweet and hearty and fresh.  There is the sound of the ocean waves lapping gently on the bright sand beach, and the smell of clean salt water.  There are bird songs all day long, and the crickets sing at night while the fireflies play at dusk.  There is the sound of children playing, running and laughing.  There are earthen buildings, enhancing and dotting the landscape, furnished by micro-hydroelectricity and photovoltaic electricity, and electricity from the mini-windmills around.
In this beautiful place, there is a person named Ae.  Ae is a tribute to the human species, warm-hearted, generous, intelligent, forgiving, and kind.  Ae always works hard, from their time in school to their adulthood.
Ae has been single for a little while, occasionally dating different people in the meantime, in no real hurry to find their soulmate, trusting that one knows when it is time to settle and start a family.  Single life has suited Ae, who has used their time to help their fellow humans, rescue animals, assist in the town life, sing in their church, and study philosophy and physics... not to mention laughing with friends and many, many celebrations.
Ae is feeding the town's rescued baby owl one day when Za walks in.  Za notices Ae's lyrical laugh, and Ae notices Za's warm smile and kind eyes.  There is an elated feeling between Ae and Za.  Ae and Za make each other smile.  They agree to meet for organic coffee and local heirloom tomato sandwiches later. 
A relationship blooms.  Ae and Za hold each others' gazes, and the elation grows intense.  They realize they were meant to be partners, to go in front of God and their community and declare their love.  They have a large wedding in the town's flower garden.  It is Springtime, and many flowers are in bloom.  Rose petals and cherry blossoms float in the air and land on the couple and guests while the preacher declares them married in the eyes of God.  A light breeze stirs the air, and swirls the sweet floral fragrance through the community.  A lively celebration ensues.  In the reception, there is live music, fresh healthy food, and much fun.  There is a very brief rain shower.  A vivid rainbow appears afterwards.  People dance and shout their happiness into the night. 
A while passes, and Ae and Za decide it is time to start a family.  They become parents to a beautiful child.  They love this child so much.  They are the happiest they have ever been.
Over time their family grows.  They love their children as much as they still love one another.
Their children grow to adulthood, having happy and fruitful childhoods similar to their parents' childhoods.  The children also meet their partners in the community, and each start a wonderful family of their own.
Ae and Za enjoy seeing their grandchildren in the community, and have dinner with friends every evening.  At night, their passion still burns, and they snuggle each other to sleep on through the dawn.
Eventually their grandchildren become adults... and Ae and Za become great-grandparents.  They become gray haired, their vision grows dim, their hearing dulls.  But yet, you can still see them smiling, and see the smile lines on the faces, ever-growing parenthesis around their mouths showing a lifetime of overall happiness.  Yes, Ae and Za have had their arguments and pig-headed moments.  They are human and that is natural.  However, on most days, you can see them holding hands still as they take a morning stroll through the very flower gardens where they wed.  The breeze still lightly plays with their silvering hair, and spreads the lovely scent under their aging noses.
Ae and Za are surrounded by love, family, and friends all their lives.  They eat healthy, enjoy their natural world, debate to sharpen their minds, and play like kids.  Their community is full of their and their friends' progeny.
When they pass away, Ae and Za have a resting place near the town's flower garden, where they married and took many many walks.  Their families mourn them, but continue to remember the love and lessons Ae and Za gave them.
Ae and Za begin their new lives in Heaven.  They know they will be reunited with their loved ones... but hopefully not TOO soon, not before they have a full life as well.  This is not gaurenteed, but they wish the best for them.  Decades pass on the Earth, but in Heaven, it is like mere minutes.
And they exist happily ever after.