Modern Party Planning

A while back my older sister turned 50 years old. My brother-in-law planned a surprise party for her and my mom, brother, sister-in-law and I travelled the 7 hour drive to the party to join my sister's friends and in-laws in the revelry. My sister was genuinely surprised and we all had a great time reminiscing and celebrating her life so far.

While I don't consider myself to be pushing 50, it will be the next birthday of significance, so my sister's party made me think ahead to the possibility, however remote, of my husband planning such a fete for me. While we share a large group of friends, there are a slew of friends that I am quite close to who he has never met. How would he know to contact them and invite them to celebrate my big 5-0?

Two days before I drove down the highway to my sister's party my husband and I attended the funeral of an acquaintance from church. Our little chapel was packed with family friends and acquaintances of the deceased. Loving and honest words were shared about his life and his faith. His children talked about the dad they would miss and his ex-wife spoke of the man she had married and the friend she had always cherished. Attending funerals usually makes one think about ones own mortality. Funerals make me want to pre-plan my own service so that everything goes just-so. This time around, as I looked at all the people gathered together to say farewell to out acquaintance, I thought about the people I would want to attend my own funeral.

I have realized that my potential surprise birthday party and my inevitable funeral both pose the same dilemma - how will my husband know who and how to get the people I want at the event? How will all my different groups of friends find out about the celebration - of my ongoing life or of the end thereof? We're still too young to have a lot of friends who regularly check out the obituary pages and most of my friends are not listed in our address book.

I have decided that the solution to my problem is quite simple. I will have to give my husband my Facebook password. In the event of my death, he can just go into my account and change my status to: "Claudine Dionne is dead. Please see Facebook page "Claudine's Funeral: Be there or be Square". Then, someone will have to call up all the friends in the address book, much like we did when each of our children were born...only, hopefully the news will be greeted with less joy and enthusiasm. Between Facebook, the phone calls and a nicely worded obit the church should be filled to the rafters. maybe the wake could be held somewhere with an alcohol license. I'd like for everyone to toast my life and sip away their sorrow until the wee hours. Really, I'd like a sort of Irish wake, where people could feel free to laugh and have some fun for my sake.

My brother says I should just have a party now. He suggested I change my Facebook status to "Claudine Dionne is not dead yet. So let's party!" Maybe he has a point. So, what are you doing 2 Saturdays from now?

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