Moldy Dinosaurs

I used to tell my Mom she went to school with dinosaurs. Or maybe I accused her of riding to school on a dinosaur. Rawr and yeehaw!

Either way I was calling her old. Cause that's what kids do, call their parents old. 

Well here I am, lucky lucky me. I have a child of my own who's little  seven year old brain has finally realized that he is not a baby anymore and that he will soon be a big kid and that his parents are old. He does call my husband old more than me, but that could possibly be because I might refer to my husband as "old". But really, kids can pick up stuff like that anywhere. Why blame me? 

While changing my daughters diaper the other day, my son and I were calling each other names. I'm teaching my son the best defense is an even more ridiculous offense. 

Me: "Old Fart!"

My son: "I'm not an old fart. I'm skinny!"

Me: "What does being skinny have to do with being old? Old people aren't fat?"

My son: "No, I mean my skin isn't moldy!"

Me: "Moldy? What!?!"

My son: "No not moldy. It's not creasy!"

Me: "You mean wrinkled?"

My son: "Does that mean it has lines in it?"

Me: "Yes."

My son: "Then yes, wrinkled."

It's that easy. You got lines in your skin, BOOM, it means you're old. 

I guess kids see their parents as ancient beings who roamed the Earth with moldy skin. 

I'm gonna go watch the *NSYNC reunion from the VMA's and see if I can track down some Zima. 

Peace out.