Molinard Vanille Marine (1998) {Perfume Review}


The sound of a perfume named Vanille Marine is on the side of ungodly. Somehow, you a get a knee jerk reaction to what must be a priori cheap, debased and to sum up, olfactorily Kitsch. Except that it's precisely the scent you went away with when you visited the wall of Molinard perfumes at the Galeries Lafayette. It made you stop and pay closer attention. Next, you concluded "addictive" and a "must-have". Several years later you wonder if you were in your right mind then, because you don't necessarily wear the perfumes you like best commiting than rather to your memory. So you revisit the jus which made you question your lucidity. A quick check on the notes gives you a glimpse of the 5 yellow stars in online reviews of it. You are not alone. If the name suggests a good dreck, other people have felt enthusiasm too for this, aparently, unsung hero...

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