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Next week, the Mom 2.0 Summit is coming to my town of Houston, Texas. The schedule looks chock-full of informative sessions for any mom with a web presence (including blogs, but also any other professional websites). However, if I'm honest, the sessions aren't what I'm looking forward to the most...

the mom 2.0 summit photo exhibit

... I can't wait for the Mom 2.0 Photo Exhibit Reception at FotoFest.

The photo exhibit, in partnership with the Shutter Sisters, is at downtown Houston's beautiful FotoFest gallery. What makes this exhibit particularly spectacular, I think, is not only that it celebrates motherhood and womanhood in all its forms, but it also comprises women photographers -- which sadly, is still more of a rarity than the norm.

In addition to being lucky enough to having a few of my images in the exhibit, last week I got to assist Tracey Clark (founder of Shutter Sisters) in ensuring that all of the images were hung and labeled properly, so I've already seen the space and the images. And let me tell you, the images that are included in this exhibit are breathtaking.

Contributing photographers include Maggie Mason, Laurie Smithwick, Jen Lemen, Kate Inglis, Yvonne and Sarah-Ji, among so many others. A couple of my favourite photographers who are part of the show:

  • The amazing Tracey Clark, herself. It's funny -- Tracey and I are good friends, and have had the opportunity to be with each other during times when we've both had our cameras. We've shot the same images, at exactly the same time, and for some reason, the resulting shots are so different. My images tend to be very saturated with colour: sharp, with lots of texture, and almost shocking to the eye. Yet, when Tracey takes the same shot, the colours always appear more muted, the light more golden, and the resulting image more nostalgic. We haven't been able to figure out why this is: Camera settings would account for some of it, but we can only assume that there's something, something more esoteric, that we can't place our fingers on. In any event, I love her work -- and there's this one piece she's exhibiting, of a dandelion seed, that is positively breathtaking.
  • The lovely Irene Nam is also exhibiting a couple of her polaroids. Polaroid film photography has really developed a sort of special niche in the photography world, and in my opinion, no one does it as well as Irene (some of her amazing images can be found here).
  • And finally, the beautiful work of Maile Wilson. Maile is a professional portrait photographer, and in my opinion, no one can capture "togetherness" quite like Maile -- her images of couples, and in this particular exhibit, mothers and their children are breathtaking. I mean seriously, take a look at the wrinkled toes of her banner image -- that's just inspired, man.

And the best part of this exhibit? The images will be available via online auction, and all proceeds will go to benefit Haiti Relief Efforts.

Seriously, how cool is that?

To see a glimpse of some of the images that will be on display (as well as get a good idea of the vibe of the show), check out this beautiful video written and created by the inimitable Katherine Center:

Here's hoping I get to see you all next week -- and as soon as I get the link to the online auction, I'll update this post, so keep checking back.


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