Mom Guilt

The lovely Crabby McSlacker posted a comment in the DVD gift basket giveaway that I thought was interesting, and couldn't respond to, since the post is closed and locked.

I'm so impressed that the guiltiest pleasures you all have sound so wholesome and virtuous!  I love that you all have such simple, healthy, down-to-earth ways of taking care of yourselves.

I was gonna say something like "a pail-sized margarita and a huge plate full of nachos"... but, um, yeah, good books and chick flicks and
long walks are awesome too.  I just can't work up a lot of guilt over them.

I read it before heading off to bed, and it really is interesting what we posted in that contest.

I *do*  fight against some "guilt" when I watch chick flicks. The men around me have all my life made snide comments about chick flicks. They're brainless, they're fluff, they're just there to manipulate your emotions (see: Step mom). 

Because Arnold Swartzenager makes films that will change your life?

Now, this isn't guilt on the level of "I didn't call mom on mother's day!" or "I ran over my neighbor's cat, on purpose." (Neither of which I've ever ever ever done, for the record, the guilt would be too much) But I have felt like I'm letting women down by watching a Jennifer Aniston movie. Then I realized that it's not the women that are judging me, and said eff it!

Then again, I would feel NO guilt at all, drowning a pail-sized maragarita and a huge plate of nachos! I work hard all week, spend little to no money on myself, and eat so healthfully that I feel I DESERVE margaritas and nachos on a moments notice!

Anyhow, it's interesting to me how we each feel a little guilty doing "wholesome and virtuous" things that we enjoy. We don't have any problem spending our resources on our kids, jobs, or significant others, but we're reticent when we want take a long hot bath?

Doesn't make much sense, and I think we should all get together for margaritas and nachos in Chicago!


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