Mom on Mom Judgement

I cannot be the only one…who has noticed that some Mamas thrive on schooling you on what is good parenting. There are those Moms who I think are just waiting for a good moment to drop some superior mothering wisdom on you and the others who are all about passing parenting judgment, either way this schooling happens to me quite often.

I narrowed down the times that I have been schooled by other mommies to three biggies. By no means are these the only times I have felt this way, generally I am schooled by another mom at least twice a week, but I offer you only the following three to save the little bit of pride I have left:

1. Breast-feeding:

When the Sonny Boy was born I tried like a swollen-breasted crazy woman to get that boy to latch on. After a day of unsuccessful nursing (yes, he didn’t eat for the first day of his precious little life), the nurse in the hospital suggested giving the Sonny Boy a bottle of formula, and Viola, the boy ate something. My milk supply refused to cooperate with the demands of my new hungry baby, so formula became his source of food. When my girlfriends heard of this travesty they almost bought the farm, “You have to keep trying, you have to rent a hospital grade breast pump for your house, NEVER give up on the miracle of breast milk…” but I was scared the Sonny Boy would never be satisfied by my dodgy food source, so bottle feeding is what we did. Sigh…this was my Schooled moment.

2. Preschool:

I was one of those lucky mamas, whose boss was truly uninterested in child rearing, and allowed me to move my office into my home prior to the birth of the Sonny Boy, thus giving me the chance to be at home with my baby for the first four years. When the time came for Sonny Boy to attend Pre-K, I was that mom with eyes full of tears muttering things to my Hubby like, “What if he has to go to the bathroom and doesn’t know where it is,” while the other, more seasoned preschool moms, offered us those smiles that you aren’t really sure are in kindness or in read the rest of my Schooled moments, please visit my blog here: I Cannot be the Only One...


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