Mom Moment Monday

Last night, after a day of site seeing in the city, the hubby comes in from the garage, “Frick…where is your bike?”


Frick “Oh, yeahhhhhh. I left it at school.”

Calmly…in my head ARE YOU FRICKIN’ KIDDING ME??? IT’S MONDAY AND YOU JUST NOW REMEMBER?! But, being the good wife I am, I let the hubby field that one.

Long story short, after a quick scurry to the school to recover said bike (that kid is SO lucky), the discussion begins. Did you remember and not tell us? No. Do you realize how much that bike cost? I enlightened him. Do you have any idea how pissed I’d be had you not found it? Yes.

Enter: Frack

Me: Did you know about this?

Frack: No. I mean, yes.

Me: Which is it?

Frack: On Friday as we got off the bus, Frick said, “Oh, no. I forgot my bike! Remind me to tell mom and dad so we can go get it.”


Frack (realizing he may have just unintentionally made things worse when all he wanted to do was cover for his brother): Yes, it is! He’s lying!

Now we are past the point of no return. Frack has committed to lying (or not..he’s the boy who cried wolf, so we really have no idea). The arguing ensues: he said/he said. We send them both to bed. Later, after retrieving Frack from the closet because that’s where he hides when he’s embarrassed. I tuck him in bed and we discuss the lying.

Me: Do I think Frick is capable of saying he forgot his bike and forgetting about it until tonight? Yes. Do I think he did? No.


Me: A) Don’t yell at me. B) I think you have been doing a much better job about choosing not to lie. In this case, I have no way of knowing if you’re telling the truth. How can you make it more likely that I’ll believe you in the future?

Frack: NOT LIE!

Me: Again, don’t yell at me. This is your deal, not mine. I’m not yelling at you. So, don’t yell at me. Yes. Not lying is appropriate, and you’re doing better about that. But, you’ve sorta made your bed, here. You’re going to have to earn our trust back.

Frack: I’m not lying.You always pick the bad things I do and not the good things!

Pack the bags, we’re going on a guilt trip.

Me: Seriously? What did I JUST say? *head desk* Okay, we’re done here. Goodnight. I love you.

Kids suck,


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