To kick off Blogging Month, I will answer the 2013 prompt about the million dollars in one day.  The tricky part of this question is I am very proud to be a frugal mom.  I will not be frivolous in my spending.  Since I am in the middle of an ongoing struggles with work, kids and family, I definitely want to help the greater good.  It won't do anybody any measurable or lasting good to buy a new house or a new car or material gifts.  

I had an aha moment.  It started with my First Son.  To make a long story short, I need to start a business. Many mothers are trying to teach social skills and avoid bullying.  They talk to teachers.  They take to principals.  They talk to psychologists.  All this talking and no action is very frustrating.  We are involved parents.  We don't want anyone to hurt our kids.  So many kids of all ages, ethnicities and personalities are getting lost in the shuffle.  What are we even aiming for?  Is the schools the problem?  Are the adults the problem?  Do we need to pinpoint blame or accountability to help our kids smile at the end of the day?

I know my kids are smart and well-liked.   If I had the power and money to make things better, where will I start?  I observe other kids and mothers approaching parenthood differently.  Is there a science of motherhood? Am I expert enough to teach or guide more kids to their full potential?

There is an empty office space near the public school.  If I had a million dollars, I would sign full rent on that space.  Kids can safely walk to the center.  It can be an after school refuge, a snack bar, a playplace, an escape for kids.  During the day it can be a center to help mothers of young kids.  Those baby/toddler years can drive any sane women to take Prozac.  I want to name my philosphy, Mom-ology.  It has an intellectual bent to it.  It will stir conversations.  It will attract moms who need help, friendship, support and respite from raising their kids.  

I have no clue how much a business cost.  I will need to outfit the place with computers and playthings and be super duper ready to handle anything.  I better get going and order all these things, because my million dollars has to be spent before nightfall.  Can I get everything at and price shop later for a full refund?


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