"Mom, there was this picture on Facebook..."

 Facebook has recently been under attack with tons of spam of inappropriate pictures, how do you talk with your kids about it? Learn some tips here...




Since Monday, November 14, Facebookers have been seeing massive spam of horrific pictures all over their newsfeed and it has been highly offensive and even Anti-Christian material. Your child might've brought this to your attention, so how do you address these problems?

1. Monitor your children's facebook activity. Keep the computer in the livingroom or in the family room so people can see what they are looking at while they surf facebook (or the internet for that matter.) Avoid allowing them to have their computers (or their laptops) in their rooms-at ALL times. This way if you see that they see these pictures, you can start a conversation.

2. Don't condemn or judge. Some kids may stare at the pictures simply because they are curious. Don't cause your child to feel shameful for looking at the pictures, temptation is very strong-especially when you don't know that it's even coming up. So avoid yelling "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!" and instead try, "Carl, I would like to talk with you about what I saw on your newsfeed...." By not asking "can we talk?", you're not giving them option to not talk about it...

For more tips, visit my blog! And tell me, how are you dealing with these recent attacks? Have you deactivated your or your child's facebook account? Share with me below!



Alexandrea J. Wilson is a blogger, speaker, youtube personality, radio show host and the President of the non-profit organization, The Mt. Ephraim Center.

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