Moments I am missing

please click on photo to see this scene up close.

are the irreplaceable moments in life. Sometimes you see them and
sometimes they go by unnoticed. I am glad I have a picture of this one
to remind me of the happy memories our kitty Sylvia gave us while she was with us.
night as we talked about another day without Sylvia, I mentioned how I
found different moments throughout the day harder to bear, pulling
into the driveway being one of them. Sylvia was always there waiting
for us. She would see us driving down the block and would dart across
the yard to greet us. I told my son and husband I realized now that
Sylvia is gone, it's as if a bright light is missing. We all agreed how
much we all looked forward to seeing her everyday, her presence just
seemed to make life a little brighter.

Today I am missing Sylvia
the most. In her younger days she used to stay outside all night. This
last year she had been coming in at night when I would let Priscilla
out for her last pee. The last two nights just as Priscilla was going
out the door, she hesitated as if she was waiting for Sylvia to come
inside. That was their little ritual. Priscilla would let Sylvia into
the house before she would go out to pee. She loved to sniff Sylvia as
she entered the house and it always amazed me that Sylvia would let
her. In fact she seemed to saunter in slowly as if she was saying,
"Sniff away little Priscilla, take your time, no need to rush."
last night Priscilla looked out into the night hesitating, like she was
confused, her world had gone awry and she wasn't able to figure it out.
morning I let Priscilla out at 6AM. Usually Sylvia and she would go out
the door together. As I opened the door it was like being met with a
huge gaping hole. Even though our son was sleeping upstairs, my husband
was getting ready for work, Priscilla was standing beside me and the
birds and squirrels were busy doing their morning thing, everything
seemed completely empty. It was as if a bright light was indeed


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