A Moment's Reflection

The Thanksgiving meal is over, visiting family and those who take residence here have dispersed and I find myself in a rare place of solitude.  Seeing my nieces and nephew in varying stages of teenhood and adulthood (they are all now in the double digits) is both fascinating and wistful.  They grow up so fast.  The kids table is now the main table to be at, and we, the four parents are the ones who eavesdrop as our children reminisce of Thanksgivings past, re-introduce egregious sibling sins, and we are amused as the one interloper (herein referred to as “the boyfriend”) tries to make sense of it all. 

This Thanksgiving went by so fast, that I didn’t have a chance to articulate my annual thoughts on gratitude and thankfulness.  To some this list may seem petty and insignificant, but I’ve spent a lifetime divining great meaning in the little things. So in no significant or meaningful order, this Thanksgiving I am thankful for:

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