Mommahood Mission- Measuring Success by Happiness

It’s about to get real here. “Touchy Feely” so to speak.

Being a mom is difficult.

There, I said it. I mean… did we think it would stop with the pain of labour? Pft…


Complete strangers decide to tell you that your child should be off a bottle already (or better yet.. give you ‘the look’ because you aren’t breastfeeding). They stare at your kid’s sippy cup to try and decipher if it is juice, water, or milk. You get countless looks of “oh poor you, can’t even do your hair and makeup” in the early days where just having a shower is a major accomplishment!

Nobody really prepares you for all of that. Sure you read books and blogs about what to pack in your hospital bag when in labour, what to feed your baby, and what healthy sleep habits look like. But nobody really tells you that some days you will just FEEL like the world is out to judge your ability to be a mother.

But you know what, your child loves you. She smiles at you when you pick her up in the morning. She longs to be with you. She is the greatest testament of how wonderful you are fulfilling your roll as a mother. Isn’t your child’s happiness the greatest measurement of being a successful mother? I’m going to say that again.. the greatest measurement of you being a ‘successful’ mother is the depth of happiness in your child. Let’s make that OUR mission as a motherhood.

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