From youth to 70 years of age, men can remain Mommies boys, if they happen to be one from the beginning.

From a young age, six, seven, eight, nine, ten… they are nurtured, they are given all the directions that they need, they are pampered, assisted, they are getting everything before they even want anything, from this mother.

This kind of Mother is committed, she never says no to her little boy, because she knows too well that she is the one who gets punished hard first, if she does say "NO", therefore she looses immediately the objectivity, and the reasoning.

From there the pain hurts too much to say "no" to him. The game is over and the little boy knows too well already.

 This pattern that the Mother offers, allows the boy to find out soon enough, how to use this gift. It is a win win game for him.

Nevertheless, the perception, and the unconditional situation in which both individual find themselves is different for each of them, even though, the goal & the results are identical.

The Mother may eventually be thought as a manipulator when the child is green and immature. 

But, really the mother is not, or rarely a manipulator, she is acting naturally and with more love than any one can give him.

The mother's behavior is the mirror of the oedipal complex of the little boy.

Their conducts lead to gather them in a same secured nest, that they both recognize.

How could he resist to the open freedom of being himself, even if he does not know his privilege.

All little boys do not have such opportunity, he does not know either, though it sounds so good to him.

The consequences which will follow in those men's life, is endless....I wrote a lot more on this subject.



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