Do You Need To Be Married To Successfully Blend Two Families Together?


Better Than Dad

This is awesome! Kudos to your Terrence and the countless men who do the same but do not get the ...more

On Being the Step-Mom on Mothers Day

When I became a mother to my two boys, it was in the typical fashion: wanting babies, making babies, growing babies, birthing babies, loving babies....more

The Stepmom's Secret

Have you ever wondered what’s in it for stepmoms? Why do they do what they do? It turns out they have a secret....more

How Our Blended Family Began

Blended families have a unique set of elements that bring richness and complexity to the family dynamic. Every family faces challenges and enjoys rewards on an almost-daily basis, yet it would be fair to say that for blended families the highs are higher and the lows are lower. I don’t know yet if this bi-polar experience is true for the long-term, but so far in our 3-year journey, that’s what we’ve experienced....more

No Kids on Christmas this year? 3 Fun Things to do as a Couple

I know I count myself among the lucky ones who have their kids for Christmas this year, so who am I to talk? Even as our children woke up this morning, excited to see their grandparents, eat a special meal and open their presents, I thought of the years we’ve woken up without them, and that this is a reality for many of our readers today....more

knick-knack reminders

Knick-knacks are the signature of my youth. All flat surfaces in my childhood home were veiled in cutesy, wooden, brass, paper, glass, trinkety,dust collectors. And guess who had to wipe, move, and reposition brass elephant statues and wooden shoes from holland and porcelain bells from England and decorative glass plates on stands? Good guess, but no. Not my brother and not my sister; they were nonexistent assholes. All child labour fell my way....more
 @Darcie Oh, I broke a few things in my dusting days!more

A two mom family that didn't start out that way.

I have something I want to talk about.Something I have wanted to talk about for a while, but was unsure. I wasn’t sure it would be received well. I am not trying to upset anyone, or make anyone feel as though I am not okay with their situation. I just think my situation is not talked about much. I don’t know if that is because there just aren’t enough of us writing, or if we don’t talk about it. Well, I have decided to come out with it....more