help me deal with my baby daddy

This mommy is just about fed up! NOT! I was built for this, hence the photo featured here in this post. However…....more

Divorce Poison. A book ever divorced parent with shared custody needs to read.

I had to share a book I’m reading right now and that every parent going through a divorce absolutely needs to read. The book is Divorce Poison: How to Protect Your Family from Bad-mouthing and Brainwashingby Dr. Richard A....more

What divorced parents should never do.

What divorced parents should never do.Being a divorced parent is, for me, the most challenging aspect of divorce. It has been tougher than I ever imagined to be a single parent. You can't split up the parenting roles. There's no one but you. You are either good cop or bad cop. Some days you just wonder what the hell you are doing....more

Signs of a healthy relationship

S/O and big thanks to Kevin Hart....more

Give Peace (& Gin) A Chance: Pushing the reset button on your co-parenting relationship

Taste buds mature and as a results tastes change. Is it therefore such a stretch to think that the same thing can happen to people, including ex's? Is it worth the risk to give the ex-partner a second chance to become a cooperative co-parent?...more

Hi I'm Niedria, Cornelius mom

Playing mommy to someone else’s kidsIn a world of disjointed families due to divorce, break-ups, separations, or any other reason that causes or contributes to “single-parenting”, children are exposed to persons entering into their lives and being placed into positions of the biological parent.  ...more

When the children are watching

Ever think about the things your child may say or do, or even the personality they develop over time. How much of that do you attribute to genes? How much of that do you attribute to learned behavior or learned response? When people say, “you got it honest,” in reference to someone’s attitude or temper etc., I consider they are attributing the characteristics you are displaying, to your surrounding or experience in seeing that as a way to respond. ...more

Kudos to me

If so, very seldom do I find bitter moments about the relationship I've established for my son and his father. That's right- I said, the relationship "I" established. Perhaps I should say, the one I laid the foundation for? It is the relationship I was single-handedly, instrumental in creating by providing time, space and opportunity; to allow and make sure there was access to my child, in the event the sperm donor wanted to be known as father one day....more

Good Behavior for 100 please

There was something that my family, close friends and I observed about my sons' behavior over this recent visit that had us all questioning where it could be coming from. It's an observation I made months ago. However, as a mother I realize I can be a little sensitive and I definitely over analyze sometimes. Regarding my son, I watch him close and sometimes notice things no one else would otherwise notice. I continued to monitor him without raising the issue initially....more