Kudos to me

If so, very seldom do I find bitter moments about the relationship I've established for my son and his father. That's right- I said, the relationship "I" established. Perhaps I should say, the one I laid the foundation for? It is the relationship I was single-handedly, instrumental in creating by providing time, space and opportunity; to allow and make sure there was access to my child, in the event the sperm donor wanted to be known as father one day....more

Good Behavior for 100 please

There was something that my family, close friends and I observed about my sons' behavior over this recent visit that had us all questioning where it could be coming from. It's an observation I made months ago. However, as a mother I realize I can be a little sensitive and I definitely over analyze sometimes. Regarding my son, I watch him close and sometimes notice things no one else would otherwise notice. I continued to monitor him without raising the issue initially....more

summer vacation--the blues before the sunrise, i hope

Today, I am simply worn down by all the crappity crap.  I don’t know why I wake up each morning, thinking it will be different.  Isn’t that one of those common sayings, that insanity is attempting to do the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different outcome?  I feel like I’m in the hamster wheel of nitpicky and the spokes are made of blaming innuendos and accusatory comments....more

Under the Influence

Blount forced Trauma; Baby daddy strikes again“For the protection of Deon” Nancy Kodama, Kid’s World Learning Center Cy-FairThose were the words that prompted me to pin this article. Hearing those words are what prompted me to wonder, once again about the well-being of my child; his best interest and his ultimate safety.Why I would have these concerns, one might ask....more
mattmmrs thank you! Everyday is a struggle but I put my trust in GOD that he will work it outmore

Mommy? What Is Raping?

tippity tap tap tap *pause* tippity tap tap tapSo went the sounds of me Facebooking, hunched over the laptop while awkwardly standing up, one foot through the doorway and in to the kitchen so that I felt that I was successfully multi-tasking. And then came these words:"Mom? What's raping?"...more
Iiona V  Oh wow. I haven't yet been face to face with that situation. I feel like my heart would ...more

What Is A Mom To Do When Dad's House Is More Fun?


The Pros and Cons of Co-Parenting as an Older Adult

While some younger adults (in their twenties) may consider co-parenting or a “known donor” relationship, the majority of adults considering a parenting partnership are in their thirties or perhaps their forties – or older! Given that the profile of the “modern family” tends to include older parents than its “traditional family” counterpart, more and more older adults are thinking about having children for the first time – particularly those where the adults have created a co-parenting or “known donor” situation for themselves....more

The Origins of Parenting Partnerships

The term co-parenting stems from two people, sharing the responsibility of a child. In most cases, those who are co-parenting were at one time romantically involved and for whatever reason, are no longer in a romantic relationship, but have decided to continue to work together to raise their child. It’s truly a term that has been associated with divorce. Fortunately, these once couples are willing to come together to form the best parenting plan for their children and realize that working together has better overall results in raising their child....more

Parenting Partenership --It's Not Just a Commitment to a Child

Before considering a parenting partnership one really needs to know what they are getting in to. First and foremost, wanting a child is one thing, but being able to commit to that child for a lifetime is another. One must truly evaluate if they are ready to be a parent 365 days a year, for a lifetime. Take time to talk with friends and family to truly get a sense of what being a parent is like, and make sure you are ready for a complete life change. If there is any hesitation as to if the timing is right, it might be best to take more time to make the decision....more