Visitation via Skype (NYT)

Lisa Belkin (NYT) has written about "Visitation via Skype" as potentially increasing the quantity and quality of noncustodial parents' visitation with their children. In the article, a noncustodial father is quoted: “Before starting virtual visitation, when I spoke with my four-and-a-half-year-old daughter, our telephone calls lasted only an average of 5 minutes. Now, during video calls, they last an average of 15 minutes and have gone on for as long as 45 minutes.” ...more

Is That Your Final Answer?

I think it's time for a new game show. It won't cost much, the sets are already done. I'm sure they'd loan 'em out. ...more

Open Letter to Hanna Rosin

Dear Ms. Rosin, Part of my professional training program is weekly group supervision with a psychoanalyst.  He stocks his waiting room with a variety of different kinds of magazines, one of them being The Atlantic.  Recently, they published an article you wrote, The Case Against Breastfeeding.   ...more


Its not communication, its “Ex-Management” Soon after my divorce, I realized that my ex-husband and I no longer knew how to communicate with each other. Fifteen years, two children, 4 years of therapy and a divorce later, we were unclear as to how to be “partners” instead of “spouses”. ...more

Sensitive Supertween

My sweet girl is growing up so fast. Very bittersweet because I love the girl she is becoming, but I miss the little girl that she was. Had no idea that tweens could be so incredibly cool. ...more

Guide to 50/50 Parenting Gives this Childless Woman Something to Ponder

A college friend who just had his second child recently gave me some good advice on the "kid question". You know, the one that comes up, typically, after two years of marriage or less, from your friends, your in-laws, your gynecologist ... He said, "There's NEVER a perfect time to have a child. If you wait for it, you will never have one. It's very much a 'leap now and find the net later' mentality. You pretty much just have to be completely mental to want kids, but it is a beautiful insanity, I assure you. Even with the straightjacket." ...more

This was a great post for me to read with less than 12 weeks until I bring my first child ...more

Talibah Mbonisi: "Facilitating a Co-Parenting Revolution" extends a warm welcome to a new “kid” on the co-parenting block:! Founder Talibah Mbonisi has this to say about the site: “WeParent is a community of parents and parent advisers striving to give our children one of the keys to a happy, healthy and fulfilled life…strong families.  We are on a mission to support and uplift African-American mothers and fathers, like us, who are living apart but parenting TOGETHER. “Through, WeParent Connect, live events, teleclasses, and more, single parents, co-parents and blended families can all find resources and community to support their parenting partnerships.” While WeParent features many voices, Talibah’s own hard-won wisdom as a co-parent is the driving force behind this online community.  On WeParent, Talibah shares part of the genesis for this much-needed resource: ...more

Who Decides How Many Kids to Have?

Some of us have the exact number of kids we wanted to have. Some want more, but due to infertility or economics, have fewer than what we wanted. Some let fate decide, intentionally or unintentionally. And some have argued -- she wants more, he wants fewer, or vice versa. This discussion is so important because family size, after a certain point, is set. The discussion ends after the childbearing or adoption years pass, and for the rest of life, both partners have to live with the final outcome. Marriages have split up over an inability to agree on how many kids to have. Who gets to decide? ...more

I was the youngest of 4 and we were all born within 6 years of each other. That was my reference ...more

Not To Be Forgotten NTBF Adopt a Duck, Help a Senior, elderly loved one, grants wishes, helps with low income needs of elderly

The Not-To-Be Forgotten Foundation is a non-profit organization located in southeastern PA that helps low income seniors.  One of their latest campaigns was Keeping Our Seniors Warm, which provided heating oil for seniors who could not afford to pay for it.  A great organization, they have a fundraiser coming up soon called the PA Duck Derby. ...more

I'm and evil Step Mom

I'm an evil Step-Mom or so my step daughters mom would like to think I am.  I love her daughter, take care of her daughter, study with her daughter all while she is in my care.  But all that does not matter I should not be allowed to attend Soccer practices or school events with her daughter.  It seams that while the child is in my home I am to go above and beyond for her daughter, but the minute I step foot out of my own house I should not associate with her daughter.  Things have progressed with the Mother that I am ready to give up on this child.  This little girl who is only 7 has hur ...more