Are you selfish for not wanting children?


When Does Bullying Start and Stop?

My five-year-old has been lucky so far. She's never been bullied.That I know about....more

My son's been both and had huge problems last year and some of this year at school for ...more

Sadie Sadie Single Mom Married Lady

I am on hubby #3. I don't have any shame about it. It is what it is. I was too young the first time, the second is the father of my kids and the third is the love of my life.All that being said, I still view myself as a single mom. My hubby is bi-coastal. He has kids in the East and his company is in the East, so he is there for about 2 weeks every month...sometimes more and sometimes less....more

I am married to my son's Dad but I completely understand your feelings. I wonder of men and ...more

Our Daughters' Hair Length: Let the Armchair Psychoanalysis Begin

My daughter's hair is crazy long. Like past-her-waist long. People ask me all the time if I've ever cut it (she had a bob when she was two and gets it cut every few months) and if it's hard to take care of (heck, yes). You see, I don't make her cut until it fails the toilet test.You read that right. ...more
Karen Ballum  You have gorgeous hair, I hope you are keeping it long. My mom took my sister and ...more

The Stay-At-Home Mom Syndrome: Do You Have It?

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of becoming a mother someday - one that stayed home and raised the children. I wanted 2 kids since I am an only child. Both of those things have come true, so why doesn't it feel wonderful 100% of the time?I used to enjoy working hard at work (thanks for the great work ethic mom and dad!) because I knew that eventually I would get recognized and even possibly promoted for it. And of course, I loved bringing home a paycheck!...more

I use to feel that way too, because I was a workaholic, twelve hour days and two jobs going ...more

So Little, So Late . . .

   Long day, too tired to find the stats. I fit in there, somewhere.   Facts:  ...more

Men vs. Women on Multi-tasking

Ah, the eternal debate - who is better at or women? I know how most of us would answer - hands down WOMEN! Why? Because we (the collective "we" of course) honestly feel we are more capable of doing multiple things at once. And not just doing them, but doing them well! But ask almost any man and they would tend to disagree. Go ahead, ask your husband....I'll wait. (Insert Jeopardy music.......) Did he disagree with you?...more
Im a male and can multi-task. I help my girlfriend all the time with chores and cooking, And My ...more

From Happy Days to Hoarders: What Do You Think of What Your Teens Watch?

BlogHer's Shannon wrote an insightful post looking into preschool television shows back in January. But what about television that tweens and teens watch? Television that you and I watch (or will watch someday) with our kids? I'm not talking about individual shows, I'm talking about television in general. With a gazillion channels to choose from and DVRs abounding, one can certain insulate against undesirable shows easily. But what about our kids? ...more

I like a couple of the shows my kid watches -- Phineas & Ferb and Wizards of Waverly ...more

Did Jon & Kate Split Because of Race?

Okay, this is one of those posts that even moi - race baiter that I am - is on the fence. Like everyone and their dog, I have actually....willingly turned the channel to Entertainment Tonight to watch the real-life soap opera of the Jon & Kate + 8 saga. Unlike probably many women, whom undoubtedly feel sympathy for a middle-class single mother with 8 kids, I actually side with Jon. ...more

See, I just don't think it's a matter of the gender roles being off.  Allowing your ...more

À AIMER: The Joys of Getting Sick in France, Part Four

 Today the Washington Post reported that the Senate Finance Committee's health care reform bill, if passed, "would require people to buy insurance or face penalties ranging up to $1,900, to be assessed on their income tax returns."...more