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Tips for Summer with Stepkids

Summer and Your Stepfamily Stepfamilies are like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same. Since I am a custodial step-parent, my perspective is from that point of view. My stepkids live with me full time, but that isn't the case for many step-mothers. Many of you are probably spending a lot more time with your stepkids than you are used to doing. This post is dedicated to those of you that might be experiencing a difficult transition from part-time to full-time stepparent. Here are my suggestions for an enjoyable extended stay for your stepfamily: ...more

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 By Karen Bannister  For The Momoir Project ...more

When Co-Parents Collide: Interview with Parenting Coordinator, Brooke Randolph

Brooke Randolph is a licensed mental health counselor/therapist who also serves as a parenting coordinator. Increasingly, family courts are turning to parenting coordinators to assist co-parents experiencing high levels of conflict. ...more

Parenting coordinators (PC) are new SCAM schema on Americans!!! They will try to convince ...more

Blended Families and How to Cope

Blended families is a subject that people don’t like to talk about but statistically we know our society is going through.  With fifty percent of new marriages ending in divorce I’m surprised this topic isn’t being talked about every day in the media.  Fifty percent is a very scary figure.  Especially for someone like myself, who comes from a broken home and has already been married once. ...more

Don't Blame Hallmark: How are Co-Parents Celebrating Father's Day?

photo courtesy of N2CBr3akdown's photobucket I admit to having talked mess about Mother's Day and Father's Day as "Hallmark inventions", over the years. Well, shut my mouth, here's the real deal on Father's Day, from Wikipedia: ...more

Co-Parenting LOLZ

Why is this man laughing, indeed. At, we tackle the serious issues related to child custody and parenting. But like everyone else in the parenting trenches, sometimes we need a good laugh...or we have to laugh to keep from crying. For just such occasions, we bring you...Co-Parenting LOLCats! ...more

Co-Parenting, Church, and Spiritual Practice

Not long after Mike and I (Deesha) split up, I begin looking for a different church "home" at our older daughter's request. (Her request was unrelated to the divorce, fyi). It's been a few years now, and I am still "between churches". I'm still looking, but Mike has found a church that he and the girls attend, even on my weekends. I'm fine with that, but I still would like to find a church for myself. ...more

Young Women Need to Be Selective not Selected

As you know, if you’ve read my very first post, that I share joint custody of my two girls with my ex.  Just recently, the jerk that is my ex husband decided to quit working so that his parenting time wouldn’t be reduced to only weekends.  This resulted in the judge ’awarding’ us 50/50 parenting time.  So now, I have the girls from Saturday to Wednesday (4 nights) and he has Wednesday to Saturday (3 nights).  ...more

Great post and good reminders, although I disagree about not marrying in your 20s... I ...more

Co-Parenting and Dating: "Boyfriends and 'BabyMamas'"

ISO readers, guest-bloggers, and podcast guests for a series on co-parenting and dating. Read on... ...more