A new world, a new Community

Be the change you want to see. So what is stopping us from ending the gruesome wars, world hunger and pollution? Marianne Williamson keeps saying we are not trying hard enough to be the change that we seek. I agree and I would like to add that we actually haven't a clue how to be the change that we want to see and that we are not looking hard enough either....more

College?! Already?!

Yesterday, was our first College Fair. #1 was excited about going, and got a lot of good information. #2, reluctantly,went with us, though it was only in hopes of getting some food, because she clearly didn't want to be there, and made no effort to hide her feelings about it. The phrase of the day: "This is dumb, I'm hungry, can we go now?"   ...more


Clicking now to see how you blew out that spark... ;-)

~Denise ...more

The Oscar-Worthy Garden in It's Complicated: I'd like to thank Meryl...

Rhonda Fleming Hayes It was Christmas time, not the time when one's attention turns to garden blogs. On a lark, I thought to write about the gorgeous kitchen garden in the new movie, It's Complicated, starring Meryl Streep. Who would have thought it would become the most popular post on my little seedling on a new garden blog? ...more

More than I can Chew

You know the feeling. I know you do. It did not seem like such a huge task when I offered to do it. Besides, I had a new recipe I wanted to try. But, now, here I am, another wild weekend staring me in the face and I have to make - cookies....more

Are YOU addicted to technology?

Like other substance addicts, tech-crazed geeks live in a state of denial. Let's face it, if you're reading Gizmodo, you're probably addicted to technology to some degree. But just how addicted are you? Take this simple test to find out. ...more

my questions on the human mind!

This is not my first blog ever, but I am still not a pro at writing, I am sure as my experience and life changes daily my writing will reflect that at least I hope lol....more

NBC's "Parenthood" Has Promise (and Lorelai Gilmore)

NBC's new family drama "Parenthood" may actually get me back to watching the Peacock Network on a regular basis. First, because it brings Lorelai Gilmore herself, the delightfully talented Lauren Graham, back to TV; and second, because after watching a preview of the pilot, I found I liked it.  It had just enough humor to keep me chuckling and just enough drama to make me care....more

It is very famous more

Today's the day my teddy bear had a picnic

The best laid plans of mums… never go according to plan. ...more

♥ Trying Not To Be Judgemental.

I like to think I'm pretty open minded. Many of my friends have commented on that about me and some can't believe just how open minded I am. However, I believe it's human nature that we are judgemental on occasion. I don't ever want to be, but sometime....shit happens! ...more

Childfree Women in the History Books

I am reading When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present by New York Times columnist and author Gail Collins....more