Pancake Tuesday

I love the quirky little British holidays that, unlike our American commercialised ‘greeting card holidays’, I actually look forward to. For instance, last Tuesday was Pancake Day. In honor of the start of Lent, the British make pancakes to use up all the sugar, chocolate, syrup, etc. they have in their cupboards. At least, that is the idea. The reality is that most people these days actually go out and buy their pancake making ingredients –totally missing the point and spending about £15!...more

Going From Insecure to Secure. One Step at a Time.

As I read through So Long Insecurity, I had a thought....more

Size Does Matter

Since the dawn of time, women have been telling men that size doesn’t matter but, oh, how times have changed. Size does matter, at least when it comes to your benefits package. These days, as you stroll out into the single scene, you just might want to dangle your group health insurance card as a tantalizing offering to the opposite sex. For maximum appeal, make sure the side with the co-pay amount is clearly visible....more

Everyone needs an Alice!

Web 2.0 has really revolutionized the way we do things. Everything you can think of is done over the internet these days whether it's finding out about all the latest products to neat little gadgets to help us simplify our daily lives.On another topic, I found out about and I really wanted to share that with many mom bloggers. Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think!Check out Alice! "this mama says" reviews & giveaways

What Does the Dad Badge Really Mean?

Jake Tapper is the Senior White House Correspondent for ABC News.  He’s a pretty big deal. I follow him on Twitter, as do 39,559 other people. Although his Twitter page has a strapping picture of the reporter on duty in front of the White House, Tapper’s Twitter badge, his personal stamp, is a photo of him cradling his two little kids: a toddler and a newborn. It is such a tender photo, and you could never imagine Walter Cronkite (if he had a Twitter page) using such an image as his calling card....more

My nephew has a smart business mind, and a great dad, my niece was really blessed. His FB ...more

Unexpected Fun

We're use to traveling on long road trips and usually equip ourselves accordingly with a road atlas, food and beverage, CD's, DVD's and any other digital device that our two, lovely offspring have suckered us into purchasing over the years. ...more

Perfect Imperfection

by Rhonda Chaney   Email: ...more

Post Grad - Waiting IT Out

Anyone else have a long Tuesday that felt like an even longer Monday? Twenty pre-school kids later and I'm finally letting the pull-my-hair-out feeling dissapear with a little Imogen Heap.  She says that time heals everything, so maybe that's all I need to figure out where my life's supposed to take me after the "best years of my life," whatever that means. ...more

Open casting call for Real House Wifes of Orange County

the amigos mama... aka Christina ...more