Happy Anniversary, Baby?

Last weekend, my husband was driving us back from a night in the city. I can’t remember the conversation between the kids and I, but when Bruce chimed in, his words tumbled out indecipherable. Syllabic babble. We poked huge amounts of fun at him before he could laugh at himself....more

Things to Think About Before Going Vegan

There are quite a few things one should consider before becoming a vegan. After strongly investigating vegan menus and recipes, you will find that veganism really promotes the spice of life. It is not an easy road by any means, but it may encourage you to live vibrantly and with a new purpose!I have not reached the veteran stage of vegan lifestyle yet, but I will share what I have learned....more

sounds so nice!

And never needing a doctor is the best benefit of all!

I'd love ...more

Online Comment Bashing

I wanted to really get to this topic. I myself, have been a victim of "comment bashing". When I wan on twitter the other night, I noticed I wasn't the only mom blogger that this was happening to. It is a crucial issue that needs to be resolved. While there's nothing we can do about these harassing comments, we all need to get along and stop the bickering from one social media mom to another.I am not sure if any of you out there have been a victim of comment harassment, but it's time for this nonsense bullying to stop.*From one social media mom to another*...more

Me too , I have changed my account because of it. It sucks coz some don't respect others ...more

All Together Now

Strengthen the balance between your body and brain to connect to and enjoy your personal health. Supply your body with plenty of movement, nutritious food and cleansing water to maintain and build it.   ...more

On the Fourth Path Out of Infertility

It's disconcerting to be verbally attacked for the way I'm living my life.  It happened again last week. This time the particular individual was so intent on making sure I knew what she thought of me she left the same long-winded diatribe on three different sites where I've contributed articles or perspectives. She even invested the time to create new accounts on two different sites that required membership to comment simply to blast me.  Twisted, no? (Be forewarned: she may show up in the comments here, in which case she'd be four for four -- and bona fide obsessive.)...more

I want to thank you for sharing your experience.  I want to know there are options out ...more

Time Management

 I don't pat myself on the back often, but I am confident in saying that I'm pretty darn good at time management and organization. Most of the time... okay, some of the time... really all of the time unless you throw a kink into my day, but kinks are thrown my way daily, who am I kidding? ...more

A Valentine Love Letter to Bossy's Mom

First Bossy has to admit she’s never been much for holidays she believes were invented by a greeting card company. Except for the fact that it’s a chocolate-eating opportunity, Valentine’s Day never amounted to much around the Bossy house. Except for one year when Bossy was ten....more

Let me repeat: LOVELY. And perfect.


Moms who are passionate about new businesses

Hi there fellow mommy bloggers. Who out there has proposed to start their own business in 2010? I am betting more than half of of you! 2010 is a great year to start your own online business.So you're asking. What can I do? There's a lot you can actually do if you put your mind to it. Don't fall for those pathetic schemes "I make $60 hourly online through Google!" That's complete junk and don't fall for those. What I am talking about is really hard work but very rewarding. If you want to start your own business in 2010 here's just a few ideas......more

Facing Aging While Facing Snow

A blizzard.  The second one in a week.  Things are disappearing into big white piles -- cars, hedges and picnic tables.  There's a wonderful silence in the streets and sparkle under the street lights that makes me think of Edward Cullen.  I love it just as much as I always have - almost. ...more

... Your attitude definatly changes as you get older!

We have had snow here ...more

Women attending College!

All of us know since the Economy is in a bummer, headed back to college is a great alternative to help your future. Before the economy was in a slump, I was working for a Childcare Center and thought I saw myself there for years before I would ever head to college....more