Power Off Weekend II WOOHOO!!

An Amazing weekend I participated in last December is having another round and this time I'm determined to let as many people as I can know about it! The Power Off Weekend is organised by Malcolm Handoll from the Orkney Islands, who along with his wife, does his best to live as ecologically as possible. The idea behind the weekend is to turn off your electric (11pm on a Friday ) and leave it off until 11pm on the Sunday. A whole 48 hrs without TV, internet, radio, lights, fridge, electric cookers and heaters....what will you do? ...more

In 2001 I did this, although admittedly not by choice. We had a massive snowstorm that ...more

Gap goes green

Shopping at the GAP means going for the green...more

Are Mom Bloggers ethical?

  Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, I am not against mom bloggers. I am a mom blogger myself and blog almost everyday at www.thismamasays.com. I created this entire web site based off some content I had read online about how “unethical” mom bloggers are becoming.   ...more

Mr. Fix It

My dishwasher is not working right.  It doesn't clean off small amounts of food, leaving them stuck onto the dish after the cycle so I have to scrub it to get it clean.   It leaves crumbs and other small particles in my glasses, so I have to wash those again too.  I need to call a repairman to get it looked at.   Unfortunately, I'm married to Mr. Fix It.  He plans on having a look at it first, to save some money....more


Cooking  I just had a very ADD moment. I had settled in front of the machine and flipped through a couple or five sites I wanted to check on and then got to the business of getting an entry done. And then I decided that I really, really needed to make dog cookies! Right Now! Green shamrock cookies to be precises and I needed to get these done right here right now because if I didn't do it right here right now Dogger might run out of cookies tomorrow or the next day! ...more

Flippin for the FLiP!


Minimizing toilet Paper Waste

We have a fourteen year gap between our second and third last child. I feel like I am having to learn how to parent all over again. I am sure that I have forgotten more than I ever actually knew. Most child rearing tips come back to me AFTER an incident. This tip is no exception!...more

Does this work for cats (and dogs), too? I've had animals who were worse about unrolling ...more

My Money vs. His Money vs. Our Money

My husband I knew from the word "go" that we'd  never have one bank account for all our needs. Right off the bat, we just knew he'd keep his account and I'd keep my account and somehow we'd work together to pay the bills. We weren't sure how to do it, but we knew that's how we wanted to handle things, regardless of what other people told us to do. Because we had a lot of people telling us how we needed to do things. ...more

We lived together for 5 years before marriage and had totally separate accounts. I owned the ...more

Perfect Imperfection

by Rhonda Chaney http://www.midlifecafe.com   Email: rchaney.midlifecafe@gmail.com ...more

Can Money Un-Do Your Marriage?

Whoever thought money would be the great equalizer? Has anyone else noticed that the most popular e-word of late—the economy—is changing not just your grocery budget, but your relationship with your partner?   One of the biggest surprises the “e-conomy” has uncovered is my relationship with my husband. Our lower bank balances and fiscal challenges have lain bare 1) the ways our individual money dynamics overlap, and 2) the relationship dynamics that money has covered up.  ...more